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David Boles: Human Meme

Welcome to the David Boles: Human Meme podcast! You may subscribe via Apple iTunes, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Tunein, Pocket Casts, Spotify and RSS or your own podcast player! We explore ideas of knowing, merits of sharing, and the danger of thought! David Boles lives at, writes for, and publishes with

Apr 19, 2018

"This is not the world I wanted to leave for you." Those final words of Dr. Howard Stein still ring within all who knew him. In this Human Meme podcast episode, David Boles considers the legacy of thought, and the embedded actions, others leave in their wake as they begrudge this world.

Apr 12, 2018

A Script Professor is a Script Doctor! In this Human Meme podcast episode, David Boles shares the secrets of his career as a working Script Doctor for the past 30 years. What does it mean to fix someone else's work? What are the pinnacles? Where are the pitfalls? 

Apr 5, 2018

Labels matter to our children. Some online mothers give disparaging nicknames to their offspring. In this NSFW Human Meme podcast episode, David Boles wonders about the terrible names some mothers use to insult their kids through false terms of endearment. 

Mar 29, 2018

Too Long; Didn't Listen: No Agent Needed! In this Human Meme podcast episode, David Boles takes on the matter of entertainment representation. Do you need an agent? No! Do you need a manager? No! Do you need an attorney? Yes! 

Mar 22, 2018

Believe in blood, not bytes. In this Human Meme podcast episode, David Boles urges you to stop using PowerPoint to present ideas, and instead rely solely on yourself. Your body, and mind, are more than enough to engage other rhythms of beating hearts.