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David Boles: Human Meme

Welcome to the David Boles: Human Meme podcast! You may subscribe via Apple iTunes, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Tunein, Pocket Casts, Spotify and RSS or your own podcast player! We explore ideas of knowing, merits of sharing, and the danger of thought! David Boles lives at, writes for, and publishes with David Boles' memetic conundrum considers the braided prairie pause against the sinking sky: "I can't see what it is; and I don't know what it isn't."

Jan 18, 2018

Those who prepare to live -- also prepare to die! In this Human Meme podcast, host David Boles rallies to the cry of The Doomsday Prepper who is always scheming to die to survive; and, in some ways, so too, is the faithful Mormon family. What happens when those of us who are not Preppers, or Mormons, also survive the end of the world? Do we all share everything? Can you kill enough people who want to take the stuff you stored? These are the conundrums of modern living that will bite, and chew, every survivor -- without swallowing!